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The Best Prom Makeup Tutorials

If you plan on doing your own makeup for prom, we’ve rounded up the best prom makeup tutorial videos to help you perfect your skill and make sure you look totally stunning at prom.

Fifteen Life Changing Prom Accessories

We’ve rounded up 15 irresistible prom accessories, handpicked by the Prom Dress Finder team designed to add an extra dose of dazzle to any prom outfit.

Thirteen Prom Corsages That Will Give You Heart-Eyes

We’ve rounded up the best prom corsages from Instagram – they are literally the reason the heart-eye emoji was invented!

Ten Perfect Prom Makeup Ideas

We’ve rounded up 10 flawless prom makeup ideas that you can easily do at home, but if you are going to a makeup artist for your prom makeup, just save the image you love the most on your phone so they can recreate the look for you!