How To Choose Your Prom Make-Up Artist

Published on 29 October 2018

Unlike Kylie Jenner, most people don’t have an a-list glam squad on speed dial to call whenever they want to look their best (like at prom!), so your prom is probably going to be the first time you’ll be hiring a make-up artist.

You only need to search #MUA on Instagram and scroll through the over 42million posts to see that there are loads of professionals out there, but how do you choose your prom make-up artist?

We’ve gathered together some top tips to help you find the perfect prom make-up artist for you.

How to choose your prom make up artist

Think about your style

Before you book your prom make-up artist, think about how you want to look at prom. Are you dreaming of a super-glam, Kardashian style contoured-look, or are you thinking you’ll go more natural and glowing?

Make-up artists often have a signature style they work to, so if you are hoping for something specific (gothic glamour or a retro Dita Von Teese vibe, for example), look for an artist who can work to this brief.

It’s worth researching how your chosen MUA wears her own make-up. If she always wears a full face and you’re hoping for a dewier, fresh look, it might be worth finding someone who works to this style more often.

Ask for recommendations

If you know anybody who’s already been to prom (an older friend, sister etc.) ask them who did their make-up, and if they would recommend them.

Similarly, if you’ve been a bridesmaid in recent years and loved the way your make-up was, why not hit up the wedding MUA who got you ready for the big day? Chances are they’ll be more than happy to do prom make-up as well a bridal beauty.

Look on Instagram

Like we said, Instagram is an absolute goldmine of make-up inspiration. If you’ve found an MUA you like the sound of on their website or through a friend, check their Instagram to see photos of their work, and see if it’s a look you think would suit you.

Check apps

Apps like Treatwell are amazing for finding MUAs in your local area - you can check out their reviews and price lists all in one place, without having to make formal inquiries. So handy!

Think about budget

If you’ve blown your budget on your prom shoes or an incredible dress, and now can’t afford a MUA for the big night, consider going into your local department store.

The make-up counters often offer make-up appointments, and if you love your look, you can even buy the products used to recreate it at home.

A few words of advice if you do decide to get your prom make-up done at a make-up counter; make sure to book in advance, as they can get very busy, especially if your prom is on a Saturday, and also, be sure to go in for a trial run, to make sure they can create what you’re after.

Don’t be afraid to go to several different counters and see how they style you.

Make up artists

Check for extra charges

Some MUAs might charge for false lash application, or might expect you to provide your own, so be sure to check with them about this before the night.

See where they work

Consider if you want your MUA to come to you, or whether you want to go to their salon, for a full on pampering experience. If you’re pressed for time, having someone come to you is a better bet, as you won’t have to travel.

Make a group booking

If you and all your mates are getting ready for prom together, see if your chosen MUA will do a special deal where she’ll do all of your make-up.

If you do decide to do this, make sure to choose an MUA who can create a variety of different looks to suit different skin tones and styles - you don’t want to look like clones walking into prom!

Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to work their magic too - nobody wants to be rushed before prom.