How To Avoid A Fake Tan Disaster At Prom

Published on 25 October 2018

How to avoid a self tan disaster

Self tan

Some people are absolute pros when it comes to applying self tan at home, while others, like us, need some guidance. If you’re new to fake tanning, practice applying your tan for a few months in the lead up to prom - that way, if you have an epic fail it won’t be immortalised on all of your friends’ Instagram feeds.

Tans with a guide colour are perfect for novices as you can see where you’ve applied it; the guide colour washes off when you take your first shower, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t look the golden colour you’re dreaming of.

It might seem sensible to apply less tan for a more natural look, but this isn’t the case. Not using enough tan is the main cause of streaks, so load up your tanning mitt with more product than you think you need and wipe off any excess - trust us, you’ll look better in the long run.

Make sure to exfoliate before tanning; self-tan formulas are drawn to dry skin so any flaky patches will end up far darker than the rest of your body - not a good look!

A tanning mitt will be your BFF for at-home bronzing. Not only will it help with flawless application, it helps you avoid tell tale stained hands.

Speaking of hands, when it comes to tanning them and feet, don’t apply product directly to them, just use the leftover from your mitt to work onto them for a more natural look.

Trust us, the more often you self tan the easier it gets. Don’t be put off if you don’t get it right the first time - we’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve had a self tanning session and come out looking streakier than a rasher of bacon. Practice truly does make perfect.

If you really don't feel confident, a spray tan might be the way to go.

Spray tan

For many people, prom will be the first time you’ve treated yourself to a spray tan, and while it’s undeniably easier to put yourself into the hands of a professional than to attempt to self tan, spray tanning isn’t without some difficulties.

Follow these tips to make sure you look less oompa loompa and more bronzed Love Island goddess.

First things first, book a trial spray tan a few weeks before the day of your prom; not only will this build a relationship with your spray tanner so they know exactly how glowing you want to be on the night, it will also help you see how your tan looks with your dress, and whether you’d like to have a darker or lighter tan.

If you’re planning on having a make-up trial before prom too, have your trial tan before this so you can make sure your eyeshadow and chosen lip shade look perfect with your golden glow.

Book your prom spray tan 48 hours before the day; this will make sure the tan has developed, set and calmed in time for the big night - once your tan has set there’s no chance of it transferring onto your dress, so you can dance the night away without worrying about tell-tall orange marks.

In the days leading up to your spray tan appointment, exfoliating is key (just like with self tanning). Pay extra attention to your hands, elbows, knees and feet. Exfoliating gets rid of any dry skin, which is the main cause of patchy, uneven colour.

Something else to remember is not to moisturise your skin on the morning of your tanning appointment, as moisturiser acts as a barrier to the tanning solution, and can result in a less deep tan.

After your spray tan appointment, wear loose and dark clothing to minimise streaking and colour transference, and avoid the gym and hot baths - these will all lessen the intensity and longevity of your tan.

Keep all of this in mind and we guarantee you’ll have a California glow for prom that will have all your friends thinking you’ve been on a cheeky pre-prom holiday.