The Craziest Prom Car Ideas From Around The Web

Published on 21 January 2018

Arrive at prom in the right way – i.e., in a cool and unusual prom car – and everyone will be talking about you for weeks to come. And let’s face it, when you’ve found the perfect prom dress and have spent ages exploring the best prom makeup ideas, you’ll want all eyes on you when you arrive.

We’ve looked at prom car hire ideas to suit a variety of groups, but here are some of the craziest prom transport ideas we’ve found from around the web to inspire you even more.

Fairytale Horse and Carriage

If you plan to look and feel like a princess at prom, you should probably arrive like one too. Whether you’re going to the prom with a date or if you’re rocking up with your besties, arriving in an unusual form of prom transport like a fairytale horse and carriage will ensure that everyone will be transfixed by your arrival. You might even get your own Cinderella moment on the night!

horse and carriage prom transport

Image Source: Pinterest

Dumb and Dumber Van

It’s a cult classic, but even if your classmates haven’t seen Dumb and Dumber, they’ll still be whipping their phones out as you arrive to snap this crazy prom car – what could be more weird than turning up in a fluffy dog-themed van? We couldn’t stop laughing when we found this Mutt Cutts themed van from Dumb and Dumber by prom car hire company Character Cars.

dog crazy prom car dumb and dumber

Image Source: Character Cars

Ice Cream Van

There’s no sweeter way to arrive for your prom than in an ice cream van, right? You can even play a tune as you arrive to make sure everyone takes notice. Just try not to get any sticky ice cream on that dress…

ice cream van prom car

Image Source: Pinterest

Mystery Machine

Add some intrigue to your arrival with this super fun prom car idea – you can hire the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo from Premier Novelty Vehicles and we can’t think of anything more awesome. Think of the Instagram opportunities you’ll create if you arrive it this unusual prom car. Bonus points if someone actually dresses up as Scooby Doo…

mystery machine unusual prom car

Image Source: Premier Novelty Vehicles


We’re not sure this is actually the safest way to arrive at prom, but it does create an awesome photo! We love how this digger has been glammed up with balloons too – it really takes it to the next level.

jcb digger prom transport

Image Source:

Tractor Prom Car

If you love the idea above but don’t fancy sitting in the scoopy bit of a digger (we’re not so good at technical names, but we’re also not about sitting there), why not consider a tractor? It would add a touch of rustic glamour and we love how this one we spotted on Pinterest is decked out with flowers to make it extra pretty and prom-worthy.

floral tractor prom car

Image Source: Pinterest

Yellow Helicopter

What could be more extra than arriving at your prom in a helicopter? It’s not the cheapest or most practical way to turn up to prom but you have to admit, it’s an amazing idea! We were truly inspired by this snap we spotted on Instagram that showed this girl arriving to her senior prom in a helicopter – basically, we are not worthy.

helicopter prom transport

Image Source: Instagram

Pink Cadillac

We can’t resist a pink Cadillac and they’re the perfect combo of girly and cool to make an awesome entrance at prom. If you love the idea of having an unusual prom car but you don’t want to go too crazy, a Cadillac is the ideal way to nail it.

pink cadillac prom car

Image Source: Instagram

Retro Camper Van

If there is a crowd of you arriving at prom together, hiring a retro camper van is a great way to arrive. They look awesome and they can fit your whole squad in easily. They’ve been cool for decades so you know when you look back on your prom photos, they’ll still look cool then too.

camper van prom car

Image Source: Instagram

Other Weird and Wonderful Ways to Arrive at Prom

If none of the above ideas are weird enough, what about these crazy prom arrival ideas? They might not be as straight forward as prom car hire, but if you want to get creative, we’re into that.


This idea is less full for the person who has to wheel the wheelbarrow, but it’s guaranteed to have everyone laughing as you rock up. Just maybe invest in a new wheelbarrow – no one wants garden dirt on their prom dress!


How fun would it be to arrive at your prom on a Segway? Or even better, if a group of you arrived in convoy on Segways? It’s basically a viral video in the making, right?


If you and a few friends all own hoverboards, why not hover your way to prom? Just try not to fall off – that would completely spoil the effect.

Tandem Bike

Maybe not the best idea if you’re rocking a full-length gown, but if you have gone for a short prom dress then this could definitely work. Hire a tandem bike and cycle to your prom with your date or bestie. It’s definitely unusual!


How much effort are you willing to put into your prom entrance? Are you willing to learn to unicycle? We definitely think it’s worth it if you want a cool and crazy way to arrive at your prom.

Just remember if you hire any form of transport for your prom, you should read our list of questions to ask when hiring your prom car.