Prom Car Hire Ideas

Published on 08 November 2017

You want to make an entrance at your prom and make sure all eyes are on you, so you need to go for a super cool prom car to ensure your arrival stands out.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest prom car hire ideas for various different sizes of groups, so no matter how many friends you’re rocking up with you can make sure you arrive in style.

Prom Car Hire Ideas for One

Most people arrive at their prom with a date or in a group, but you can make a real statement with a seriously cool sports car by arriving solo. Most high-performance sports cars only seat two people so you could be chauffeured solo in style in one of those!

Consider cars that will roar into the driveway of your prom venue, such as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Alternatively, you could arrive on the back of a motorbike if you want a more edgy way to arrive, or opt for a Vespa if you want some retro glamour. Just watch that helmet with your prom hairstyle! If you like the sound of something vintage but don’t want to get on a Vespa, how about something small and sleek like a Nissan Figaro?

You could also look into hiring a Segway to get some laughs for your arrival, if that’s your style.

Prom Car Hire Ideas for Groups of Two

If you’re arriving at your prom with a date, then you’ll need a cosy form of transport that’s big enough for the two of you alongside your driver. You could go for a tandem bike for if you’re a quirky couple, but if you’d rather not work up a sweat on your way to your prom, there are other options.

Channel James Bond and arrive in an Aston Martin – these can seat more than two but it’d be a bit of a squeeze. Other ideas include a vintage Cadillac – if you get a soft top one you and your date can kick back in the back seat. If you want to get everyone laughing as you arrive, consider a super retro Robin Reliant – a three wheeled car will definitely get everyone’s attention.

For more romantic couples – and if your prom isn’t taking place in a busy area – you could look into hiring a horse and carriage for a dreamy, fairy tale worthy arrival.

Prom Car Hire Ideas for Groups of Three

When you start looking for prom car hire ideas for groups of three or more, your options broaden considerably as many cars can seat three comfortably along the driver.

Most vintage cars will seat four alongside a driver, but it can be a tight squeeze, particularly if you’re in all your prom finery, so you’re better off considering cool vintage cars if you’re a group of three. Go for a 1965 Ford Anglia like the flying car from Harry Potter, or a retro Mini for a simple but stylish entrance.

If you want to make a real statement, a gleaming Cadillac or Buick will add some serious glamour to your arrival and will look amazing in the background of your prom photos.

Depending on your prom venue, you might be able to arrive in a unique form of transport – if your prom is taking place on a golf course, for example, you could talk to them beforehand about the possibility of you driving on to the driveway in a golf buggy!

Prom Car Hire Ideas for Groups of Four

Vintage cars look super cool but you want to make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone in the prom car – no one wants to sit on someone’s dress and cause wrinkles, or get too hot and ruin your makeup because you’re all crammed in together.

If you’re arriving in a group of four, why not skip the vintage car option and go for a cool, edgy car like a New York style yellow taxi, or an American police car? Lots of prom car hire companies will have novelty cars like this and quite often the chauffeur will dress up to look the part – it will make for some amazing photos for your social media accounts. You can even hire a replica of the Ghostbusters car!

Prom Car Hire Ideas for Groups of Five, Six or More

Going to prom with the whole squad? Make sure you have a cool prom car big enough for all of you! You can go classic with a stretch limo in a variety of colours, or mix it up with a stretch hummer. Alternatively, you can hire a party bus which offers plenty of room for a big group.

More novelty prom car hire ideas for large groups include fire engines, tanks (yes, really), classic red London buses or even yellow American-style school buses.

If you don’t want to arrive with your group in a novelty vehicle, what about a cool VW Camper Van? These look timeless and are effortlessly cool.

For groups with a lot of cash to splash – and a prom venue with masses of space – you can also hire helicopters for your prom transport, but this is not the most affordable option and you’ll have to check in advance with your prom venue to make sure they can accommodate a helicopter landing within their grounds.

Make sure you read our key things to check before you hire your prom transport to make sure you’re getting the right prom car for you.