How To Choose Your Prom Transport

Published on 29 October 2018

Failure to book transport to prom could mean you end up getting a lift with your parents or older siblings in their battered Ford Fiesta, and while that’s definitely a budget friendly idea, it’s hardly arriving in style.

From classic options like stretch limos, to quirky ideas like arriving in a vintage caravan (we’ve seen it done!), there are many different prom transport options to choose from.

We’ve compiled some handy tips on choosing your prom transport, including some elements you might not have considered…

How to choose your prom transport

How far do you need to travel?

Before deciding on your prom transport, think carefully about how far away your prom venue is from your home and how long it’ll take to get there in your preferred mode of transport.

If it’s a five minute drive around the corner, is it really worth splashing out on a hiring a limo to take you there?

For proms very close to home, ask around your friends and family if any of their parents / family friends / relatives have a vintage car or a cool convertible that you could ride to prom in. You’d still make an amazing entrance, but without it costing the earth.

If your prom is quite far from where you and your friends live (we’re thinking over half an hour) you’ll need to pick a practical option for travelling to prom.

While you’d definitely make an incredible entrance in a tractor or vintage fire engine, it’s not practical to travel long distance in these unreliable vehicles.

Consider kind of roads

Consider the kind of roads

Again, if you’re thinking of hiring an extravagant vehicle, like a hummer or a tractor, think about the roads you’ll be traveling down - you don’t want to get stuck in a tight corner or get wedged in a hedge!

Rather than check yourself, when you’re making your booking, let the driver / hire company know about any tight spots they might encounter and they can make the call.

Think about your budget

The costs of prom can soon add up, so think carefully about how much you want to spend on your prom transport. If you’re on a tight budget, a vehicle that carries lots of people will be most cost effective as you’ll split the price between all of you - a vintage, red London bus would be a cool way to arrive and wouldn’t cost the earth.

If you have a larger budget, a limo or hummer would be a fun, american high school style way to arrive with all your friends, and again, split the cost.

If money is no object (lucky you!) you could look into hiring something super extravagant like a horse and carriage for fairytale feels (only for short distances, of course) or a vintage convertible car for just you and your date to arrive in.

How many people are you travelling with

How many people are you travelling with?

This is the main thing to consider when choosing your prom transport; if your whole friendship group wants to travel together, you need to consider larger forms of transport (like buses and hummers), but if it’s just you and your date or your closest friend, your options are much wider.

Do you want it to pick you up after too?

Most people are dropped off at prom in a statement making vehicle, then picked up in cars by their parents at the end and ferried to after-prom parties. If you want your prom transport to pick you up afterwards too, make this clear to them when you’re booking it. If they aren’t able to pick up and your heart is set on leaving as well as arriving in style, you’ll need to consider different options.

Think about your prom style

The kind of outfit you’re wearing will definitely impact your prom transport choice, even if you don’t realise!

If you’re going for a totally vintage prom style with a sixties style dress and retro make-up, turning up in a 90s’ glam limo might not work looks-wise. Similarly, if you’re wearing a very modern prom style, rocking up in a 1950s’ style Beetle might look out of place.

If you’re going all out glam, a limo is a great call to complete the look, while vintage prom queens would look amazing arriving in a retro car.

Check with your friends with the style they’re rocking and go from there.