How To Break In Your Prom Shoes

Published on 25 October 2018

Buying your prom shoes is one of the most exciting parts about prom outfit planning; once you’ve picked between glittery court shoes, chic black platforms and achingly cool flats, the hard work really begins; it’s time to break them in.

How to break in your prom shoes

We know it’s tempting to keep them safely in their box until prom night, but trust us, you need to wear them in, especially if you’re not used to wearing heels.

If your mum is anything like ours, she’ll be full of old wives tales about stuffing them with newspaper, or holding them over the steam of a kettle, but for us, the best way to break in new shoes is to wear them with your fluffiest, thickest socks.

Walk around the house as much as possible wearing this fashion fail; you might get a few funny looks from your brother, but it gives your shoes a chance to mould to your feet; you’ll be thanking us when you’re the last one dancing on prom night while all your friends are hobbling around the dance floor.

To supercharge the sock method, blow your hairdryer onto your shoes while you’ve got the thick socks on for about 30 seconds - while the material is hot and flexible it’s more likely to loosen.

If you’re really well-organised and have your shoes months in advance, invest in some shoe stretchers. These work better on flat shoes than in heels, and they’re a bit of a long game, but if you leave them in your shoes they’ll work their magic and you’ll be blister free at prom.

As well as breaking in your shoes to make them comfy, it’s worth scuffing the sole a bit. A pristine soled shoe is a recipe for slipping on a hard wood dance floor - not the entrance you were planning, we’re sure!

Walk in gravel a little, or use a nail file to rough up the bottoms of your shoes to make them less slippery.

With a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet, the perfect prom dress and all of your best friends, there’s nothing to stop you having the night of your life at prom.