Ten Pretty Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

Published on 08 November 2017

Don’t stress about how you’re going to style your hair for your prom just because you have short hair! There are plenty of glamorous prom hairstyles for short hair out there, and we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourites to help inspire you as you put together the perfect prom look.

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ten pretty prom hairstyles for short hair

Gentle Waves

If you have a bob haircut, you can use a curling wand to achieve this effortless and stylish look easily. Separate your hair into sections so it’s easier to style, and wrap strips of it around the curling wand, so the curls fall away from your face – they look more natural this way.

Use thinner sections of hair and hold them on the wand longer for more defined curls, or use thicker sections and hold for less time for a more relaxed, wavy look. Set with a spritz of hairspray to stop the waves from dropping out as you party.

Ruffled Pixie Cut

If you have close cropped hair, make it party ready by washing it and spritzing it with a salt spray before drying. The salt spray will give your hair ‘fresh from the beach’ texture, which makes it easier to shape into waves to add texture and interest. Check out Scarlett Johansson’s pixie cut for more ideas.

Sixties Style

Short hair was seriously cool in the 60s too, so be inspired by the divas of that decade and add extra volume to your locks. Back comb at the crown before brushing the rest of your hair over the backcombed section to disguise where you’ve added extra volume. A hairpiece might be a good option to add volume if you have fine hair. Then tong the ends and set with spray – you’re a 60s siren!

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Side Swept

If you want a dramatic hairstyle for your prom, add some silver screen glamour with a side swept hairstyle, inspired by Cara Delevingne. You don’t need masses of hair to pull this off, just some grips and styling gel.

Give yourself a side parting, going as far across as you dare. On the side with less hair, pull your hair back and secure it with grips. Edgy girls might want to French braid this section to add more flair. Then secure the swept back side with gel or hairspray and brush the longer side forwards.

Forties Fun

Add retro fun to your prom hairstyle in the style of Katy Perry by pinning back sections of your hair away from your face. Pull the section of hair that surrounds your temple back and twist the hair before gripping it in place. Do the same on the other side and curl the rest of the hair for fun 40s style.

Half-Up Half-Down

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the timeless half-up half-down hairstyle! Simply grip the front sections of your hair back behind your ears – this will give the illusion that half of your hair is swept back in an up do – pull away some lose tendrils to frame your face and stop it from looking too ‘done’.

1920s Finger Waves

This is a seriously glamorous look – and an ideal choice if you’re channelling red carpet glamour in a red prom dress. Wash your hair and then roughly dry it, before applying a liberal amount of gel through the damp hair at the top and front, before spreading a smaller amount through the rest of your hair.

Style your hair in a deep side-parting, brushing it in place with a fine-tooth comb. Then start to brush the fuller side of your hair forward, gripping it in place with a metal clamp, and then use the comb to guide the rest of it back. Repeat until you have a series of clamps holding your hair in a waved shape. Repeat on the other side. Once your hair is dry, remove the clamps, spritz with hairspray and go for a bold red lip to complete the look!

Braided Front Section

If you have a fringe that you want to keep out of the way at your prom night, side part your hair and French plait the front section so that it pulls your fringe away from your face. For an edgier take on the look, you could gently muss up the braid to add volume, and curl the rest of your hair for extra body.

Accessorise It

If you have very short hair and are struggling to find a short prom hairstyle that works for you, why not work your usual style but ramp it up with some fabulous prom hair accessories? There are plenty of elaborate headbands, hairbands, clips and hair vines you can use to take your every day hairstyle to the next level.

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