Prom Hairstyles To Suit Every Face Shape

Published on 29 October 2018

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your prom style and choosing how to wear your hair can be one of the trickiest choices. Do you want to wear your hair up or down? Straight or curled? Up and chic or down and casual?

We’re here to make choosing your prom hairstyle a little bit easier, by breaking down the most flattering hairstyles for each face shape.

Prom Hairstyles to suit every face

Oval Faces

Go for: A sleek, polished ponytail or long and loose curls.

If you’ve got an Oval face shape, you’re one lucky lady! This shape is one of the easiest to choose a hairstyle for, as they often appear to be balanced and delicate.

A sleek polished ponytail will show off your perfectly proportioned features beautifully.

We’re not talking about the casual ponytails you throw your hair into after a long afternoon of revision, or the scruffy ponytails you used to wear in PE, but a high, slicked back ponytail - think Ariana Grande and you’ll be along the right lines.

If you always imagined yourself wearing your hair down at your prom, oval faced gals can’t go wrong with a center parting and a bouncing blow dry, with the ends teased into cascading curls. It’s a classic look for a reason.

Square Faces

Go for: A laid-back up-do

How often in your life will you have the chance to wear an artfully coiffured up-do? Not many, we’d bet, so it’s an ideal style to embrace on your prom night.

Unlike the polished pony above, square faced people should go for a more relaxed look. Leave tendrils around the front of your face loose, and go for an intricate plaited twist up-do for a boho prom style.

Messy up do

Round Faces

Go for: Half-up half-down styles

Half-up half-down styles are an eternally stylish prom hair style. Ten years could pass, and you’d still look back on the photos and look on trend. This style suits round faces as it simultaneously draws the eye to above the jawline, to where the detail is, and below the jawline, to where the hair's length is, creating the illusion of height and narrowness of the face.

Loosely tong the hair that falls around your face, as these soft layers will add angles to your face and the longer lengths will make your face appear lengthened.

Long Faces

Go for: Brushed out waves

This slightly vintage vibe is perfect for prom-goers opting for a retro inspired look.

When you have a long face combined with long locks it's better to make your hair appear wider on the sides and shorter in length.

Brushed out waves are perfect for this because they instantly create the illusion of your face being wider around the cheekbones, which is flattering. The waves also make your hair look shorter, so it doesn't elongate your face.

Pair this hairstyle with bold red lips and an eyeliner flick Taylor Swift would be proud of to complete the look.

Heart-shaped faces

Go for: Low set side bun and sweeping fringe

Go for all out glamour with a side bun that creates balance and softens a heart shaped face. We know that this style can conjure up images of pageant queens from teen movies, but when paired with natural make-up and a subtly coloured dress it’s one of the classiest prom styles imaginable.